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We have a range of garden beds to suite most requirements. All garden beds are made of the same polyethylene plastic as the other products in our range, this type is resistant to rust, UV stabilised and is a food grade plastic.

Two styles to choose from surround only used in areas where drainage is not an issue and surround with base that is used on paving or other areas where the drainage would damage the environment. This second unit can also be used as a ponds or wicking garden beds. Check out the new range of 1100 square and shallow beds also great for Aquaponics!

Surround with base

Code                          Litres      Height      Width        Length

AM-1500BOT-600     1200        600           1500         1500


Surround Only

Code                            Height   Width    Length

AM-1500GDN-580        580        1500      1500


Shallow Bed

Code                      Litres      Height    Width    Length

AM-15x9BOT-250   280        250        1500      900


1100 Square Beds

Code                       Litres   Height   Width    Length

AM-1100BOT-450   400      450      1100      1100

AM-1100BOT-600   650      600      1100      1100