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Our Company a brief history


Alliance Moulding was formed early in 2005 and bring many years experience in rotational moulding, and the success of the business has been due to the ability of the company to meet the needs of clients.


The ethos of the company is based on three solid foundations: company integrity, customer service, and quality of product.


Alliance Moulding is committed to providing a safe, happy and environmentally responsible workplace, based on proven business practices, where we value and appreciate every employee.


The strong customer focus ensures that every client is identified as important part of the business, product standards and requirements are clearly documented, production schedules committed to, with ongoing customer support and development.


The quality of the moulded product is of overriding importance, with the necessary care and attention to detail ensuring a high standard of product. An in house QA system is in place to provide reliability of service. Alliance is diligent in looking for ways to improve the outcome of the moulded item, and will work with clients to ensure they are happy with the result, every time.


Speak to a member of the Sales Team to discuss your moulding requirements.


Alliance Moulding also makes a range of products for the agricultural, marine and materials handling industries.