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This is our Patented raised garden bed panel system which allows you to design a garden to suit your area. The three sizes of panels allow you to create endless shapes and sizes, a few are shown below. You can assemble them in fit in a corner or around one, using only corners or only straights. Assembly is simple with the alloy tube provided in the package, being 600 high as standard. This product can be installed in multi levels if you required more than 600 high gardens.

Heart design

No Rust EVER


Thanks Kevin for providing this great set of pictures.


Code                                      Name          Height      Length      Width

AM-GRO-450x600                450 Long       600          450             70

AM-GRO-900x600                900 Long       600          900             70

AM-GRO-CNR225x600        Corner           600         225x225      70