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Horse Feeders We have a large number of horse feeders starting at 20 and finishing at 100 ltrs. Some are designed to sit on the floor while others are able to hang on any fence. They come in a wide variety of colours and are made with UV stabilised plastic which has a very high impact resistance. Every horse owner knows that they have the hoofs and weight to destroy just about anything but not these feeders!

The fence feeders come with steel hooks to allow them up hang on 50nb pipe. All feeders come with a 25mm hole in one corner to allow thorough cleaning. They are easily carried due to their light weight but with extreme strength for a long life.

Code                    Description                      Height    Width   Depth    Vol

AM-HFEEDT22    Floor Feeder Standard          250       380       240       22

AM-TRAY070       Floor Feeder Large               200       600       600        72

AM-TRAY100       Floor Feeder Extra Large      270       600       600       100

AM-HFEED          Hanging Feeder Standard     250       435       365        40

AM-HFEEDL        Hanging Feeder Large          225       550        400       50