Quality Australian Marine & Floatation

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We have foamed products ranging from 50 up to a mammoth 7000 litre off shore mooring float.

Quality Australian Marine & Floatation

We have a range of floats shelled with a sturdy and durable plastic, filled with a urethane foam composite perfect for marine environments.

  • Floats are a well suited to the rotational moulding process.
  • Sizes┬áranging from 50 litres to a 7000 litre off shore mooring float.
  • 65 litre round floats come with one, two or three eyelet options.
  • Floats have the option to be foam filled.
  • Floats are sealed with high-speed spin welds, for a watertight finish.

New Float Range

Code Type Diameter Vol Weight
AM-F-FLT-055 Round Flat 610 55 11kg
AM-F-FLT-115 Round Flat 610 115 16kg
AM-M-FLT-110 Domed Mooring 610 110 18kg
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Round Eye

Code Type Diameter Vol Weight P.D.T Eyelet Stgth
AM-FL1i Rnd 1 Eye 500mm 65L 5.5kg 20 msw 13.7 kN
AM-FL2i Rnd 2 Eye 500mm 65L 5.5kg 20 msw 13.7 kN
AM-FL3i Rnd 3 Eye 500mm 65L 5.5kg 20 msw 13.7 kN
AM-FLTD Tear Drop 480mm 38L 5kg 20msw 18 kN


Code Type Diameter Weight P.D.T Eyelet Stgth Length Mast Sphere
AM-FLBDY Boundary 480mm 7kg TBA 22.5kN 1.47m 58L 48L
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Custom Floatation Product for Farming Fish in Open Waters

The brief for this project was to produce a set of pontoons connecting to form a circle. A high quality product was required that delivered reliability in adverse environmental conditions.

A bladder was to be attached on the inner edge by first of its kind slotting method. The product required custom gateways, grooves, holes & brass inserts.

This project delivered maximum benefits for client with efficiency and economy.

Offshore Mooring Float – Size Is Not An Issue

Shipping companies use offshore mooring floats to hold ships in place in deep water.

We had one client that needed a 7000 ltr cylindrical float. The foam fill presented a huge challenge, but we were able to complete the project using a five-step process.

They also needed a square unit which required a heavy duty, 400 diameter poly pipe moulded directly into the mould. The result was a 2.2m x 2.2m x 1.2m 5000 litre marine grade sealed cell foam fill with a 400 through pipe.