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Australian made, custom plastics.

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We use only the best hexane grade polyethylene to ensure our products are as strong as possible.

We make high quality playground equipment right here in Australia. We use only the best hexane grade polyethylene to ensure our products are as strong as possible. Bright colours ensure kids enjoy their play.

Like most of our products our play equipment is extremely durable and UV resistant to survive the Australian sun.

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Spring Equipment

Seesaw Covers

Spring mounted polyethylene animals bring their play to life. We also have tough central covers which hide the spring assemblies away and keep your children safe.

Single Spring Animals

These parts have either moulded in alloy handles and galv insert brackets or 3-M10 brass inserts and handle receiver holes moulded directly into the plastic.

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Panels & Steppers

Three types of panels are available. They are: Abacus, Noughts & Crosses plus a solid Star Panel.

The X’s & O’s are permanent poly graphics applied with a special heat process.

We also have two types of steppers. One is a hanging style the other is a bolted on with 3-M10 brass inserts moulded directly into the plastic.


Slides can provide children with different thrills depending on the design.

Cyclone slides give a spinning sensation; Straight slides give an impression of speed while wave slides give an exhilarating feeling of falling.

We have a slide in all three categories. These slides are a magnet for children of all ages. Time and time again they will climb to the top of the structure to get the smile placed back on their faces once more.

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Roof & Climber

Climbing is a great way to challenge children. Our Hole Climber is both flexible and stable making their play difficult and safe.

We also have a tough square roof which completes the look of the structure and helps protect against harmful sunlight.


Our tunnels are 760 diameter and come 1 meter straight, 90 degree and 45 degree bend options. Moulded tough at 6mm thick they width stand almost any onslaught kids can dish up.

The three different design options allow you to construct interesting play structures every time.