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The reputation of Alliance Moulding is second to none. An increasing number of clients are finding that we can where other moulders cannot. Alliance Moulding will provide good quality service, products and at competitive prices. We are customer oriented and our main aim is fulfilling your needs.


Many clients have to meet critical dimensions and need consistency in strength and thickness for warranty work, or need to meet high aesthetic standards with graphics and special surface finishes. We can mould parts which contain inserts, threads, moulded in graphics and complex shapes. Testing is also part of our daily routine.


Alliance Moulding will give you the peace of mind that your product quality will meet your demands, every time. Every care is taken with client moulds to ensure they remain in good condition and minor maintenance is done on an ongoing basis. Some of the items that Alliance custom mould are: floats, antenna housings, fuel tanks, playground equipment, motor covers, Septic tanks, boats, skis, chlorinators, cool boxes and general purpose tanks.


Alliance has worked with a number of manufacturing companies who are following the trend to move from steel or alloy housings for machinery parts to a rotationally moulded plastic alternative. The switch gives our clients significant cost savings, timely supply and solves many internal production issues.


If you currently have or would like to develop a hollow plastic part we would like to help. We have full 3D capacity to view your product prior to prototyping and over 20 years experience in rotational moulding.


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