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Specifications Alliance Moulding use the best quality Australian plastics available supplied by the two major polyethylene companies:
Micro Pellets and Vanglobe Matrix.
We employ independent engineers to qualify both the design and testing procedures.
We do not compromise on quality of product in any area of our business. We use Australian Standards as a minimum benchmark for design and testing. Please view the specification sheet or the Engineers Certificate of Compliance for our 5,300 litre rain storage tank below. Our range of products are manufactured to exacting standards in both materials used and process control. This is backed up with rigorous testing to ensure the products meet the standards required. We employ cutting edge finite element analysis software to not only proof initial designs but determine final designs are well within required stress levels for their purpose. We utilise ultra-sonic thickness testers, laser temperature probes and impact testing equipment to ensure the final product is to the required standard. Before you purchase a tank ask these questions: What is the minimum thickness of the wall?
4.5 mm or more
What is the maximum stress?
4.3 Mega Pascals
What material is it made from?
Water Potable & Food Grade