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Under Ground Tank


Our new underground tank has been engineered and can be installed below ground level, be completely empty and have the water table at finished ground level!


We have two models to chose from. 2500 & 1500 litres to the shoulder but will take more dependent on how high your installation will allow the water level to go. They have a wall thickness of 12 mm nominal and weigh 100 to 175 kg. As you can see from the pictures it has two moulded ID 30 mm diameter lifting lugs for easy installation and two raised round bosses for inlet and outlet pipes to be installed.


This product is perfect for installing tanks in garden beds or unused areas. No valuable land lost and they can be installed in a multiple systems to increase the storage capacity. We also offer submersible pumps which are the quietest on the market.


Code                    Litres   Total Height     Diameter

AM-1500UG          1500+        1600               1530    AM-2500UG          2500+        2200               1530

Save water NOW!

Inlet and Outlet up stands

2500 ltr Unit

1500 ltr Unit