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Best Quality from the Highest Technology and Machinery, always on Time. Our expertise will guarantee you the Best Value in the Market.

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Alliance Moulding will give you the peace of mind that your product quality will meet your demands, every time.

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We produce a wide range of plastic moulds and we can make you save money. We take pride in our Problem Solving skills that will surely meet your expectations.

About The Company

Our Company

Alliance Moulding was formed early in 2005 and bring many years experience in rotational moulding, and the success of the business has been due to the ability of the company to meet the needs of clients.

The ethos of the company is based on three solid foundations: company integrity, customer service, and quality of product.

Alliance Moulding is committed to providing a safe, happy and environmentally responsible workplace, based on proven business practices, where we value and appreciate every employee.

The strong customer focus ensures that every client is identified as important part of the business, product standards and requirements are clearly documented, production schedules committed to, with ongoing customer support and development.

The quality of the moulded product is of overriding importance, with the necessary care and attention to detail ensuring a high standard of product. An in house QA system is in place to provide reliability of service. Alliance is diligent in looking for ways to improve the outcome of the moulded item, and will work with clients to ensure they are happy with the result, every time.

Speak to a member of the Sales Team to discuss your moulding requirements.

Alliance Moulding also makes a range of products for the agricultural, marine and materials handling industries.


As a company Alliance Moulding likes to give back to the community in different ways. We sponsor the WA special needs children’s Christmas party every year which brings some holiday happiness to children in Western Australia.

We also donate regularly to the Australian Red cross and have become a humanitarian partner. This enables the Red Cross do such things as check on the elderly and help people in crisis.

We also are yearly members of the Perth Zoo and regularly donate heavy duty plastic parts for the animals to play with. The Zoo refers to them as enrichment "Toys" that help provide the animals with new and exciting things to do. You can see from the pictures & video below the animals love them.

Quality Policy

At Alliance Moulding we take pride in our work and endeavour to consistently provide products that completely satisfy our customer's needs. This is done by continually checking quality, reaching targets and reviewing results.

Our company's ideal is:

Find a better way

We are also committed to the following areas:

  • Defining customers needs
  • Fulfilling those needs
  • Controlling what we do
  • Improving how we work
  • Review the results
  • Change as needed

Alliance Moulding will always provide value to customers, employees and suppliers. We also need and appreciate value in return.


Alliance Moulding use the best quality Australian plastics available supplied by the two major polyethylene companies: Micro Pellets and Vanglobe Matrix.

We employ independent engineers to qualify both the design and testing procedures.

We do not compromise on quality of product in any area of our business.

We use Australian Standards as a minimum benchmark for design and testing.

Please view the specification sheet or the Engineers Certificate of Compliance for our 5,300 litre rain storage tank below.

Our range of products are manufactured to exacting standards in both materials used and process control. This is backed up with rigorous testing to ensure the products meet the standards required. We employ cutting edge finite element analysis software to not only proof initial designs but determine final designs are well within required stress levels for their purpose. We utilise ultra-sonic thickness testers, laster temperature probes and impact testing equipment to ensure the final product is to the required standard.

Before you purchase a tank ask the questions:

What is the minimum thickness of the wall?

4.5 mm or more

What is the maximum stress?

4.3 Mega Pascals

What material is it made from?

Water Potable and Food Grade

Specification Example Compliance Certificate


We have recently purchased a 2300 litre water tank from Alliance Mouldings for both drinking and garden consumption. Without reservation we can commend not only the product but also the prefessionalism, efficiency & expertise provided and totally and wholeheartedly recommends that 'Every home should have one'. Don't just think about it - do it, you won't regret it!
Des & Jill (Woodvale)

12 months ago we purchased a 2300 Litre water tank with pump from Alliance Moulding to help save a bit on the rising cost of water these days. We were so impressed with not just the product bult also the prefessionalism shon from the time they came out to give us a quote, arrange delivery and complete the installation all within 7 working days, we have just 3 more Under Eave tanks installed. I have no hesitations in recommending Alliance Moulding to anyone. Thanks again Ian and your staff for all your assistance you have given us.
Roger and Anne (Marangaroo)