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Alliance Moulding has the capability to assist with the creation of your mould.

3D Design & Fabrication

3D modelling is used to create the shape of the mould from your engineered drawings or concept plans. These are then used to fabricate the moulds out of either sheet metal or cast aluminium. Our experience will ensure that you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with mould making. This will greatly improve your return on investment.

We think outside the box and can offer innovative solutions to design or product issues. Discuss your project with us, our knowledge, experience and pro-active attitude will ensure that this time is well spent.

Protective Fire Extinguisher Covers – Our Experience Delivers Quality & Savings

Client had this idea and came to us for design assistance and manufacturing. We tweaked his original design to produce the ultimate in design efficiency.

We developed a 3D model for testing to ensure accuracy. The design helped reduce the amount of of post moulding labour that was required. This reduced the cost of the product.

To ensure best mould outcome, we enlisted an overseas casting company. The finished product exceeded the client’s expectations.

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Adding Value: Foaming

We have the capability to foam fill your products after moulding. We use two-part urethane foam that meets all the requirements for use in marine requirements. We then seal your product with high-speed spin welds to ensure a watertight product.

We have foamed products from 50 up to a mammoth 7,000 litre off shore mooring float.

Quality of Surface Finish on Rotomoulding Cubes

A dejected client walked into our showroom and complained that nobody had been able to help him. Two moulders and two mould makers had failed him so far.

The problem was that his suppliers had not been able to mould a finished product that possessed the required level of quality surface finish.

After analysis of the requirements we were able to complete the moulds for the client and supplied the surface finish he needed to satisfy his customer.

After taking this client from desperation to satisfaction, he hired us for subsequent projects.

He has been a satisfied repeat customer for four years now.

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High Quality Results-Lower Cost Manufacturing

This is an industrial/Olympic size chlorinator casing. It must withstand high pressure and a chlorine environment.

This product has a 15mm wall thickness, high tolerance groove routing & ½’ to 3′ BSPT threads moulded directly into the plastic making it extremely difficult to manufacture. We were able to create a lower cost mould for our client to allow the use of rotational moulding compared to injection moulding.

This product is now shipped to USA & Europe complying with tight local standards.