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All our garden beds are made from polyethylene and are UV stabilised, rust free and food grade.

At Alliance Moulding we produce a range of garden beds to suit all of your needs, which come in two distinct styles.

  • The standard style is suitable in areas where drainage is not an issue.
  • The Surround style with base that is used on paving or other areas where the drainage could be an issue.
  • These beds can also be used as a ponds or wicking garden beds. Check out the new range of 1100 square and shallow beds also great for Aquaponics!

Wicking Garden Beds

One of the varieties of garden beds we offer is a wicking bed.

A wicking bed is a garden bed with a membrane at the bottom allows a reservoir of water to be stored, which is then drawn upwards like a wick into the soil and to the surface.

The advantages of a wicking bed over a standard bed:

  • Water efficiency due to no evaporation of surface water.
  • Wicking beds are self watering.
  • Stay irrigated up to a week.
  • In the case of heavy rain the large reservoir provides a lot of extra drainage not afforded to standard beds.

Garden Bed Varieties

Code Description Width Depth Height Litres
TGS-1500GDN-580 Garden Surround 1500 1500 580 1100
TGS-1500BOT-600 Garden Bed 1500 1500 600 1100
TGS-1100BOT-600 Garden Bed 1100 1100 450 400
TGS-1100BOT-600 Garden Bed 1500 1500 600 650
TGS-1.5X9BOT-250 Grow Bed Tub 1500 900 250 270
TGS-15x9BOT-600 Grow Bed tub 1500 900 600 800
TGS-12×9-Table Table With Legs 1200 900 700
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Buckets & Drums

We manufacture a large range of containers. The smallest is 20 ltrs and the largest is a pallet bin of 1,000 ltrs. Please feel free to contact us regarding any products.

We can also create a mould specific to your purposes.


We produce a range of compost bins from UV stabilised polyethylene which meets all drinking and food grade requirements.

The plastic ensures that there is no rust giving our products a long life, and easy cleaning. Compost bins provide a cheaper and environmentally friendly option for your garden.

Anything that has been living is ‘organic’ and can be added to the tumbler, this includes fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, weeds and other garden cuttings (no meat).

Also needed are dry materials such as sawdust, shredded newspaper, dry leaves and egg cartons. The recommended ratio of green to dry materials is approximately 4:1 – this will ensure best results.

It creates a rich fertiliser which can be very beneficial to plants and flowers. We use a percentage of recycled material to help save our planet. Standard colours are Heritage Green and Black.

Make your own organic compost in just 14 days!

Our new Twin Compost Tumbler can turn 8 lawnmower catcher loads of material into organic, rich compost mixture.

It rotates easily using the moulded hand grips to efficiently blend whatever organic materials you have.


  • Twin 180ltr sections
  • Vermin proof
  • 100% food grade
  • UV stabilised polyethylene
  • Easy access screw lids
  • All Brass & S/Steel hardware
  • Breather ports
  • 930 High x 1200 W x 750 D
  • No Rust EVER!
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Raised Garden Beds

We have two types of garden beds for you to choose from: Our 1500 mm square product and our Gro-Panel system.

This new innovative design is a raised garden bed system where you design what shape and size to suite your needs.

It is easy to assemble and can be used for a variety of needs. As a raised garden bed or as fencing or small retaining walls.

The system is comprised of three units: 900 mm, 450 and 225 corner.

Please select the type of raised garden you would like from the pictures.


This is our Patented raised garden bed panel system which allows you to design a garden to suit your area. The three sizes of panels allow you to create endless shapes and sizes, a few are shown below.

You can assemble them in fit in a corner or around one, using only corners or only straights.

Assembly is simple with the alloy tube provided in the package, being 600 high as standard. This product can be installed in multi levels if you required more than 600 high gardens.

Code Name Height Length Weight
AM-GRO-450×600 450 Long 600 450 70
AM-GRO-900×600 900 Long 600 900 70
AM-GRO-CNR225x600 Corner 600 225×225 70


We have a range of garden beds to suite most requirements.

All garden beds are made of the same polyethylene plastic as the other products in our range, this type is resistant to rust, UV stabilised and is a food grade plastic.

Two styles to choose from surround only used in areas where drainage is not an issue and surround with base that is used on paving or other areas where the drainage would damage the environment.

This second unit can also be used as a ponds or wicking garden beds. Check out the new range of 1100 square and shallow beds also great for Aquaponics!

Code Litres Height Width Length
Surround with base
AM-1500BOT-600 1200 600 1500 1500
Surround Only
AM-1500GDN-580 580 1500 1500
Shallow Bed
AM-15x9BOT-250 280 250 1500 900
1100 Square Beds
AM-1100BOT-450 400 450 1100 1100
AM-1100BOT-600 650 600 1100 1100