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Rain Tanks, made with pride in WA. For those who enjoy crisp, clean water!

Heritage Round Tanks

The standard in rain water collection.

Designed by our local engineers in Perth. So all you need to do is measure the installation size and order!

With sizes ranging from 320 L to 13,000 L we have a rain tank for you.

Our tanks can be installed individually, or in multiples for additional water capacity.

Larger storage means better water harvesting when it rains, and longer lasting water during dryer months.

All of our round tanks are supplies ready to go, with no assembly required. This means you’ll have clean, crisp water at your disposal sooner.

Specialized fit-outs can be arranged to suit your application, just contact us to discuss.

Our range of Round storage tanks is sure to have a size to suit your requirements.

Code Litres Total Height Side Height Diameter
AM-0250RND 250 1070 1000 585
AM-0320RND 320 1260 1190 585
AM-0350RND 350 1350 1300 600
AM-0400RND 400 1150 1100 720
AM-0450RND 450 1700 1650 600
AM-0550RND 550 2000 1950 600
AM-0750RND 750 2050 2000 720
AM-1200RND 1200 1530 1400 1070
AM-2300RND 2300 1600 1400 1430
AM-3700RND 3700 2000 1750 1650
AM-5300RND 5300 2200 1950 1900
AM-8700RND 8700 2500 2250 2250

Smooth sides & domed top

Code Litres Total Height Side Height Diameter
AM-9000RND 9000 1750 1550 2760
AM-16000RND 16000 2900 2700 2760
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Under Eaves

We produce a range of space saving tanks. First is our next generation connectable tanks.

They consist of a 600 diameter tank that allows many tanks to be connected together to achieve any storage solution you like.

These tanks come in 550, 450 & 350 litre versions and allow you the freedom to purchase a tank height and volume to suit your area.

The second is a group of larger tanks that have fixed sizes and volumes.

All of our tanks are manufactured to strict quality controls to ensure that the tank you buy is of the highest standard.

Please contact us for further information.

Code Litres Total Height Side Height Diameter
AM-0350RND 350 1300 1250 610
AM-0400RND 400 1100 1150 720
AM-0450RND 450 1700 1650 610
AM-0550RND 550 2000 1950 610
AM-0750RND 750 2000 2050 720
Code Litres Height Width Depth
AM-2000BEVE 2000 2170 2230 680
AM-2500BEVE 2500 2250 2380 720
3,000 litre coming soon.
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Underground Tanks

Looking for a rain tank solution without losing valuable outdoor space?

Our new underground rain tanks will give you modular water storage capacity without compromising your outdoor living area.

They come in two sizes with the option to be installed in multiples for more crisp, clean water. Integrated in the tank design are lifting lugs to ease installation.

Capacity Diameter Height Height Price
Litres (mm) (Wall mm) (Apex mm) (Inc GST)
1700+ 1530 1100 1600 $1,100
2700+ 1530 1700 2200 $1,760

Our Rain Tanks

  • Are made of UV Stabilised Polyethylene
  • Meets drinking water standard requirements (AS/NZS 4020:2002)
  • Completely rust free
  • Impact tested (Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766:2006)
  • Can be installed on any flat surface, either compacted ground or bricks/concrete. (not sand)
  • Comes complete with strainer, lockable tap, Light Guard (prevents algae growth), hose adaptor, drain & overflow.


All tanks are provided complete with:

  • Light Guard & Strainer, Lockable tap, Drain & Over flow
  • All tanks meet or exceed AS/NZS 4766:2006

Standard colours: other colours available on request. All prices include GST and are subject to variation.
Standard PVC install kit $11.